About Us


After having our son Konlin, a micro preemie, and spending 4 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we knew that God had laid it on our hearts to begin a ministry to give back to other families in the NICU. After going through our own NICU journey we wanted to do all we could to help other families also going through a trying time in in the NICU. After many prayers for direction and a name for our ministry, MiraKles Happen was born. Less than 3 short years later we would have our second son Kanner at 35 weeks and spend a little over 24 hours in the NICU this time around. The name MiraKles Happen came about after our first son Konlin came home from the NICU and was proof that by God’s grace MiraKles Happen, then we were shown again after Kanner was born that we have a testimony of two precious mirakles. We know that it is only by God’s grace, the prayers that were prayed, love we were shown, and the support we were given while in the NICU that Konlin and Kanner are here today.

Our Purpose: We know that some families do not have love and support while going through their NICU journey, we want to provide a little piece of hope and love that miraKles do happen. Our goal is to be a contact for people going through an NICU journey, whether it be for a simple question, a prayer, or an immediate need we want to be just a quick email away. We know that some families are away from home and do not have anything here outside of the NICU we would love to meet families for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee to help be there for anything they are going through. We will have what we call “Give Back” events where we take buckets filled with goodies, cards, gift cards, Mommy’s Notes (A journal for NICU mother’s), assist with financial burdens from extended NICU stays, or just simply visiting families to ask what we can do to help them. Our prayer is that we can show the love of Christ through little things and carry some of the burden for families that are going through their NICU journey.